Safety handle


Prevention of bathroom falls! MCTEC safety handle


고령친화 우수제품

The safety handle is used when the elderly, disabled, and people with reduced mobility use the toilet seat in the bathroom. As a safety handle that can be used, it is a product that assists users to sit down and stand up by themselves. The safety handle is designed to be installed on various types of toilet seats, and is a group standard certification (KSPA) and an excellent senior-friendly product.

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Product Features

standard 505(L) X 645(W) X 715(H)mm
weight 12kg
maximum user weight 120kg
price ₩201,000
deductible(15%) ₩30,150
Elderly long-term care insurance welfare equipment registered product
  • 01

    It can be installed even if a bidet is attached to the toilet seat.

  • 02

    It is shipped as a finished product and can be used immediately after simple operation.

  • 03

    It is made of stainless steel so it doesn't rust easily.

  • 04

    A separate drilling industry can install it only by adjusting the knob.

  • 05

    The armrest angle can be adjusted from 0° to 90°.