Electric bed


Neat design! MC Tech Electric Bed


고령친화 우수제품

The electric bed MMP-205 provides comfort to users,
It is a multi-purpose electric bed made to provide convenience to those who attend.
Electric Bed MMP-205 This is an excellent senior-friendly product.

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Product Features

standard 2,200(L) X 960(W) X 370(H)mm
weight 90kg
maximum user weight 150kg
rental fee ₩68,500
deductible(15%) ₩10,275
Elderly long-term care insurance welfare equipment registered product
  • 01

    2-motor electric bed with backrest and legboard angle adjustment function

  • 02

    The main body is a detachable structure, so it can be installed by one person

  • 03

    Stable and reinforced articulated siderails

  • 04

    High resilience mattress with flame retardant performance

How to install an electric bed

Neat design! Frame detachable!


Take out the frame and lay it on the floor.


Lift the wheel and lock the bolt.


Place frames A and B face to face.


Lock the wheels, lift them face to face, and connect the frame.


When attaching the frame, put the leg side inside.


Connect the electric motor in the direction shown in the figure.
(Caution: Always keep the motor plane up)


After installing the motor, raise the
frame as shown in the picture.


Connect the fixed plate.


After combining the headboard and legboard, test the operation of the electric motor.


You can use it by placing the mattress on the top board and inserting the side railing.