Safety handle


Fall Accident Prevention! MCTEC safety handle


When the elderly, disabled, and patients with reduced mobility move on their own indoors, or when they are seated and It is a wall-mounted safety handle that assists when standing up. It is manufactured in various lengths so that it can be installed according to the indoor structure and user's convenience.

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Product Features

model name Safety handle for sofa MCG-300
standard 615(L)mm X 575(W)mm X 620(H)mm
texture Stainless steel (SUS), plastic
weight 4kg
safe operating load 80kg
  • 01

    The safety handle for sofa is designed so that anyone can easily assemble it.

  • 02

    It can be used as long as there is a certain space under the sofa, and installation is completed by pushing the lower support under the sofa so that the product adheres to the sofa.

  • 03

    Since this product is a stationary type, it is not pushed or pulled, but is used only for holding and supporting when sitting or standing on the sofa.

  • 04

    When disassembling as necessary, it is simply disassembled by loosening the bolts on both sides using the enclosed tool.

Precautions for use

  • 1) As a safety handle exclusively for sofas, be sure to read the manual carefully and use it appropriately.

    2) Before installation, install it after checking that the connection part is firmly assembled.

    3) A space of at least 4 cm between the sofa and the floor is required, and if there is not enough space for the lower support of the product, it cannot be used.

    4) Be careful not to hit the support on the floor when using it.

    5) This product is a simple mounting type safety handle exclusively for sofas. It is forbidden to push or pull other than for standing or sitting.

How to install MCG-300

Neat design!


Check the components.
(Left, right frame, cross bar 2, wrench 1)


Insert the brackets into both ends of the crossbar pipe and assemble.


Set up the frame and assemble the cross bar to the lower bracket first.


Use the enclosed wrench to tighten and connect the bolts.


It is more convenient to assemble the product by laying it flat for a solid connection.


When assembly is complete, adjust left and right to check balance.